My practice is diverse in form, but is united by a focus on the structure and language of human interdependency.

Simply: How do we come to understand the experience of another person? How do we come to form our [many] selves through our relationships with others? What are the limits of empathy?

I create physical, linguistic and psychological collisions where individual or group identities might shift, bloat or dissipate.


Lizzy (b. 1986) an artist currently living and working in Brooklyn. De Vita earned her BA in Art History and English Literature from Barnard College and her MFA in Sculpture and extended media at Yale. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally, including at the National Museum of the Moving Image, the Andy Warhol Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, and The Chimney NYC.


This website is a simplified version of my primary website, www.lizzydevita.com