Pile (Hi Boss)

Sculpture (purple plastic jack-o- lantern, enamel paint, found note from artist’s parents’ housekeeper, frame, pedestal), 12” (L) x 12” (W) x 54” (H)

This piece emerged when I was compulsively drawn to two objects: an iridescent, Koonsian jack-o- lantern, and a labored note written by my parents’ longtime housekeeper, whose “illiteracy” coexisted with a remarkable memory for texts. The note reads “Hi Boss I was here today Hattie.”

The piece rests on the juxtaposition of different surfaces – the strangely expressive purple pumpkin and the loaded personal text, which is unnoticeable except from close up. Here the “fine print” opens up the piece and suggests an unknowable space beyond the pedestal and beyond the domestic space where it was found.

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(c) Lizzy De Vita 2011